Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mission accomplished!

We Win Photo

Wall gains World Heritage Status

Today, the BBC reported the good news: "An ancient fortified wall which formed the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire has been made a World Heritage Site by Unesco." Full report here.

"Falkirk councillor, Adrian Mahoney said: 'Gaining world heritage status is a major achievement and there are so many new opportunities to maximise the benefit to our local area in the future.' But with new opportunities come new responsibilities. This is not the time for resting on laurels.


  1. Love your Blog and my sincere thanks for the wealth of information this provides.

    I am looking for weblinks for our site at www.antonine-way.co.uk and I hope you will permit me to post a link to your blog.

    The recent news from the UNESCO gathering in Quebec is fantastic news and it is my personal wish tha t it now leads to the Antonine Wall being appreciated and available to a much wider audience.

    Jim Coyle

  2. My pleasure, Jim.

    And this old emperor would be honoured to have a link on your web site.

    Now, you and your friends must begin the work of recommissioning my frontier! Whitewash at the ready!

  3. O valde quod sapiens imperator EGO voveo meus peniculus mos nunquam exsisto siccus

  4. The above comment was an online translation into Latin of the phrase:
    O great emperor I vow my brush will never be dry.

    The reverse Latin to English translation resulted in:
    O intensely and wise commander in chief I to promise to God my a sponge will never to emerge dry

    Its interesting that the inclusion of the phrase 'my a sponge' gives a certain latino inflexion and an element of authenticity.. ;)

  5. I'd be very careful using the word peniculus, Jim!

    This is the diminutive form of penis, literally "little tail" ... like a brush!

    Even though I'm a Roman emperor, I'm not sure how "little tail" comes to mean sponge!

  6. Babelfishing is fun, isn't it? :)

  7. Glad to see this blog promoting our Roman history. Sorry I haven't left a comment earlier. :-)
    Hope some of your online visitors can tour some of our fantastic Roman sites. Details at www.falkirkonline.net/antoninewall and www.kinneil.org.uk

    Best wishes
    CLLR ADRIAN MAHONEY, Falkirk Council