Monday, 8 February 2010

Richard Hook Remembered

Richard Hook at OspreyNo sooner have we celebrated the career of the wonderful Jean Simmons, than news arrives of the passing of talented historical illustrator Richard Hook.

Contributor to Look and Learn magazine and art editor of Finding Out magazine during the 1960s, he is probably best known for his work on Osprey Publishing's military history titles. He passed on his artistic talent to son, Adam, and daughter, Christa.

A specialist in Native American culture, he illustrated a series of American Civil War and War of Independence titles, as well as The American Plains Indians, American Woodland Indians, American Indians of the South-east and The Apaches.

He will be best known to ancient history enthusiasts as the illustrator of The Spartan Army, Early Roman armies, Armies of the Carthaginian Wars, The Praetorian Guard, and the battles of Marathon and Granicus.

Obituary: Osprey web site

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